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Cortrax Systems Inc. evolved from Macrotech Computer Products Inc. (first creating the Consulting Division called Advanced Instruments Research Inc.), and followed with a name change in 2003 (to reflect the change in focus to management and commercialization for high technology companies). Broadly speaking, Cortrax provides Project Management, quality-systems design, and management and design consulting services. These include designs of automation systems and components, electronic and software products for customers and custom engineering and management solutions for industrial and business markets. Past staff project experience includes extensive electronics and computer projects, research and development, firmware/software design for microprocessor products (mostly in electronics manufacturing environments).

The President and CEO of Cortrax Systems Inc. has B.Sc. Civil Eng., (University of Cape Town) B.Sc. Elect Eng. (University of Cape Town), AGDM (Athabasca), MBA (Athabasca) degrees with extensive product development, project management and operations experience. More recently, combined with extensive business, marketing and operations experience, projects have been more of a business nature (such as design of company Quality Management Systems, marketing studies, company-culture development, and operations efficiency improvement).

Electronics design projects in Cortrax have included a broad spectrum of industrial, consumer and computer products along with machine automation and automated testing.


Over the past 10 years, products for clients included data loggers of many sorts, remote sensing (both wired and wireless) for many sensor applications from crane, truck weight, temperature, humidity. This involved sensor research, electronics design, project management, production, testing and other operations systems design and management. Projects range from very large to small projects such as the design of a custom antenna for a mine shaft communication system.

Strategic and marketing projects included marketing study and marketing/sales support for industrial computer company, including design of brochures, trade show booth, strategic partnership development and sales demonstrations to design of Quality Management Systems for a world renouned electronics power supply manufacturer .

Recent technology projects included design assistance for small rugged industrial computers for thermal efficiency and automatic light control.

Some past projects undertakenby by the staff have resulted in full time employment positions helping companies reach level of commercialization. Examples include Technical Director and Research Director of Newtec Industries (our whole team became dedicated for their projects for a couple years), V.P. Engineering for ttc/Truck Tech Inc manufacturing wireless linked tire monitoring systems, and Electronics Engineering Manager for Ledalite Architectural Products Inc. (for lighting control). Paul was also Gruop Leader for the some 25 hardware engineers and technologists at Vtech Engineering developing mass-produced remote telephones.

Some examples of past and currnent projects are:

  • Development of Quality Management System for small high growth electornics companies
  • Markeitng Studies
  • Crane and skyline electronic wireless linked mobile and fixed monitor systems (including data-loggers, display modules and sensor systems)
  • Strain guage sensors (mounting sensors on trucks, crane units, tanks and other industrial applications)
  • Light automation control systems and energy management control systems.
    Wireless-linked truck-tire monitors
Technologies and tools

Some examples of technologies and tools used include,

  • computer and Micrisoft Office tools, project management and process development
  • computer automation and control
  • electornics PCB design software
  • microporcessor emulator, development systems, compilers and firmware development software
  • prototyping tools for mechanical and electronic components
  • variety of instruments and mechanical and electornic equipment, including welding machine, milling machine and many instruments


Volunteer support activities

We encourage staff to be involved in volunteer activities that provide a positive influence on society and/or promote the training or professional development of engineering and other staff.

We support the professsional development of engineering staff through support of the IEEE (Insittute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and the Knowledge Management Community of Practice

http://www.ieee.ca/vancouver (Vancouver section)

http://www.ieee.org (US)

http://www.kmcop.org/ (Knowledgement Management Community of Practice)

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